Murphy Wall Bed Projects from fellow Canadian DIY’ers!

Easy DIY Murphy bed projects by some of our recent Canadian customers

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit. Before ordering the kit, I had some questions that you quickly and professionally addressed. Upon ordering, the kit was shipped out immediately and arrived promptly for assembly.

I was very pleased with the quality of the components. The guides and video were both clear and concise – they made for an easy build.

I am very impressed by the smooth operation of the mechanism – it feels very solid and secure.

Based on the quality of the finished bed and the interest it has generated, I am sure this won’t be my only Easy DIY Murphy Bed project.

Robert McMillan

Keswick, Ontario

Hi Nadia:

I built this wall bed for my daughter, I actually slept in it 2 weeks ago – and it’s great.  She’s using a small bedroom as an office for their small business – as an exercise room – and as a guest bedroom.

They are on a tight budget and your Murphy bed was the perfect solution.

Dianne & I assembled in 3 days – not full days, and we took our time.  And we enjoyed ourselves.

I have to say, your video and booklets combined, made the job clear, and understandable.  The amount of detail was great for someone who’s never assembled one before.  It made us feel confident we could do it.

Following the instructions, the bed turned out very well.  And Dianne got to feel what it’s like to ‘build’ something from wood! – bonus!  haha.

Here’s a few photos, fyi.

If you want to use any comments or photos in an advertisement – that would be ok.  I was a small businessman before retirement, and I like what you’ve done here.  Great idea!

For future consideration in your printed support materials?:  Some people might have a challenge arranging a suitable ‘support surface’ on which to ‘build & assemble’ the bed framing.

We found that 2 saw horses – with 4- 2″x2″x8′ lumber (not costly) – then covered with the 2 pieces we cut for the mattress base – provided a great support.  Since they were not needed until final assembly, it worked out great.

best regards,

Paul & Dianne

Burlington, ON

“I enjoyed the great results of my DIY Murphy bed, many of my friends discover the convenience of that way to manage small spaces when I posted pics on social media. But the real pleasure for me had been to comfortably received my VIP (My daughter and her boyfriend).

I should say that it’s almost mandatory to use 3/4″ materials afterwards instead of 5/8″ that was only available at my hardware store. But the personnel over there brought me the idea to reinforce the AB part in putting a 36″ height header. It is also very important to keep in mind that left and right side of the structures are mirror images of one another lol 😉

The after-sale’s service is great, even in holiday season when VIP’s are about to arrive. Nadia and Mike support me the right way and almost immediately when needed.

Great and recommended experience.”

Jean Guy Lecrec,

Gatineau, Quebec

The Murphy bed project was easy and fun to do. My wife and I did it together at our cottage over the weekend and the instructions were easy to follow. Any issues we had we were able to call the 1-800 number and received quick and simple instructions and hints that made the process a snap!” “With the extra plywood from the cutting directions we were able to make a custom wall-unit for shelving and storage that worked out extremely well for the small room we installed the Murphy bed in. A great space saver”.

Take care,

Kirk star,

Langley, British Columbia

Mike, this was one project that I really enjoyed and was given the freedom to start and actually finish the project without having 3 more to start!! Your project’s instructions were by far the very best that I have used to put anything together. I’m attaching a couple of photos of the finished project.

Mark Manning, British Columbia

Very easy to build and a great set of instructions. The only dimension that I would change is the Cabinet top rear Part Gc. It suggests 2 ½” wide. If made this width it would stick up by ¼”. This would make putting a top on the unit difficult. I caught this and cut it to 2 ¼ so everything was flush on the top of the unit. I made tops so they looked like dressers.

Project went very well and we are very happy with the result.


Ross Smith,

Calgary, Alberta

Hi Nadia,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance with this project. It turned out great. With your support and excellent product/comprehensive step by step instructions, I came up with an excellent space saving product. I look forward to doing it again.

Thank you once again for your patience and assistance.


Wayne Lystiuk

Orleans, ON