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How to Build a Murphy Bed

Download Construction Guide for Murphy Bed Before You Buy A Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

If you are planning to buy an Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware Kit to make your own Murphy bed,  your 1st step is to Download Construction Guide for Murphy Bed before you buy any of our kits.

Download our guide here

  • Read our articles related Murphy beds and the FAQ section on this site to get the proper information before you purchase a kit.
  • Measure your space to make sure that the size of Murphy bed you are planning to use works for your space.
  • You can get the finished bed dimensions here.
  • Remember, this is a DIY or Do It Yourself project and it requires some basic of woodworking skills, so it pays off if you get the proper information to make sure that building your own Murphy bed is a project for you.
  • Make sure that you have access to all the tools required for this project.

Tools You Will Require

3/16″ Allen Key for hardware

Your Choice of Carpenter Framing Square

Circular Saw if you cut the wood yourself

Your Choice of Cordless Drill

3/8″, 1/4″ and 1/8″ Drill Bits for drilling parts

1/2″ and 5/8″ Forstner Bits for parts

Any household iron for edge tape

Any measuring tape of your choice

#3 Robertson Driver

3/4″ Spade Bit

Pair of Wood Clamps

After You Purchase Your Hardware Kit

Planning and preparation is very important in any woodworking project and it is necessary to get everything ready ahead of time before starting the project.

So, plan and prepare before you start:

  • Read all the 3 guides that come with your Murphy bed hardware kit and go through the material list and get the material and tools ready ahead of time.
  • If there is a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the room, make sure that they would clear when you open and close the bed.
  • If you still have any questions please contact our support team by email or telephone to answer any remaining questions before you begin your DIY project.

Keep in mind that safety doesn’t happen by accident. There is just one main safety tip that you need to consider during the construction of your Murphy bed which is “Do not try to open your bed before it is anchored to the wall”, other than that it is very safe and easy to build a Murphy bed using our system.

Another safety tip you should consider is that check your local electrical code requirements if there is any outlets on the wall where you want to install your Murphy bed.


Complete Construction Guide

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