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How To Build An Easy DIY Murphy Bed

Step-by-Step Written Instructions

On this page, you will discover all the steps you need to build your own DIY Murphy bed. The instructions presented here are a step-by-step guide for use with our DIY Murphy bed hardware kits and are meant to provide you with an overall understanding of the building process.

We go into much more detail in our construction and assembly guides as well as our DVD video included with every hardware kit.

Here’s What We’ll Cover…

The following are all the steps you need to succeed in building your very own Easy DIY Murphy Bed. Simply click on any stage you want and it will bring you to a page dedicated to that step.


Step 1: Cutting The Wood

Step 2: Labeling The Wood

Step 3: Edging The Parts

Step 4: Cabinet Top Assembly

Step 5: Attaching Hardware To Cabinet Sides

Step 6: Attaching Hardware To Side Rails

Step 7: Setting Up The Legs

Step 8: Inner Bed Frame Construction

Step 9: Attaching The Header, Footer & Side Rails

Step 10: Mounting The Face Panels

Step 11: Attaching The Handles

Step 12: Attaching The Mattress Supports

Step 13: Attaching The Mattress Strap

Step 14: Leg Cross Bar & Kick Plate (Optional)


Complete Construction Guide

Step-by-Step Visually Illustrated!

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