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Labeling The Wooden Parts

How to Build a Murphy Bed – Step 2

Start Labeling

After you get your wood cut we recommend you label all the wood parts so you can easily keep track of the different parts as you build your Murphy bed to avoid any mistakes.

Labeling the wooden parts helps you to have an easy work flow and avoid mistakes.

There are about 20 big and small pieces that you have to cut for a Murphy bed project from the 4 to 6 lumber sheets depending on what size bed you are building.

Labeling your wooden parts, as we show above makes the job becomes a lot easier if the parts are already labeled when you have to choose between the left and right parts.
The best is to put all the related bed parts in one area.

For example, put the side rails, the header and footer along with the bed frame parts together for the bed frame construction.

You can use dollar store stick-on-labels or you can use painting tape to mark your wooden parts, both are inexpensive, but for sure they make a difference in organizing your woodworking project.

Parts Diagram For Vertical Wall Mount Murphy Bed

The wooden parts are shown here for a Queen size vertical-style bed. All other mattress sizes have the same part references.


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